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Issued 07 Jun 2016 approx 15:15 ; appends to
Issued 13 Jun 2016 approx 13:45 ; appends to and includes within the text a link to graph
Issued 21 Jun 2016 ; appends to released ~14:30 gb/uk time
entry 23 june 2016 approx. 22:00
site's contents currently in archive ; copyrights and all other rights reserved
Re-release: 28 Feb 2016 notice quote "....Previse Critical support the GB/UK leaving the EU but (that's) not leaving Europe ...
(an arbitrary continent, of the world GB/UK based within). This 'prediction' we offer despite ..." end of quote. Reissued 27 June 2016 ~21:40 GB/UK time.
29 June 2016 note well (a previous still current caution page) :
29 June 2016* ~ 15:00 re-introduced our sports, banking and economies Millions Offers to our main commercial site ; Emphasing the GBP 200 Millions Sports' offer for reason(s) today. Also republished including expanding some controls/warnings/offers.
30 June 2016 ~12:15 release:
1st July 2016 ~ 14:30 updated
03 July 2016 ~22:15 update of (04 May 2016 ~08:15; some reports are, that our .com website has been failing to resolve ; Its content has now [also] been re-produced at see ;)
10 July 2016 Sunday ~ 17:00 GB/UK time
10 July 2016 Sunday ~ 18:00 re-released (see the three links above in date order) all use our site : 21 June 2016 on ; 13 June 2016 on and ...
07 June on ( ).
21 July 2016: five common search engines page 1 views showing some mis-information and false advertising (mis-associations, for example juxtaposition to our work) in 'search results'. Visit only our websites and contact us directly was/is: recommended.
22 July 2016 Friday ~ 20:30 GB/UK time
25 July 2016 ~ 19:25 as previous with *' insert '*
01 August 2016
04 Aug 2016 ~ 12:00. We have taken our server off-line ; this will prevent email delivery and visits to our other websites.
Please note back-up email address on and/or contact us by telephone.
10 Aug 2016. Noting re'new'ed external very recent activity by others. This business has already covered 'it'. Recent history, that future, very recent history <------------ the present (for example 10 August 2016) ------------> future.
August 11th 2016 : search engines notified about manipulation and false reporting
[06 Oct 2016 reintroduced from part archive] "14 Mar 2016: for the record within the last two days we have developed a working 'theory', but are not (aren't) publicly publishing,
and with respect to 'politics' and economies." [06 Oct 2016 ; this 'theory' is still being empirically supported / is establishing grounding]
11th and 13th and 29th August 2016 and 15 and 30 September 2016 ; 3rd and 6th October 2016
06 Oct 2016 re-introduced. Are some wondering about the fields in our Notices, Offers, etc, and what got to do with say, engineering? 'Energy' is 'geo- local- national- internationally political', + 'markets', 'environment', 'economies' & 'money' etc. Y ?
07 Oct 2016 (Friday) approx. 21:30. Previse Critical announce that it has (previously, recently) identified a fault-in one of the biggest most popular top level internet domain' suffixes. And within DNSSEC / system's roll-out. ...Perhaps.
Since the registry and registrar failed to provide the data reqd, despite repeats. One of businesses involved also heavily engaged in assurance products on the web. And poss' (chk) wth big financial deal/buy of another large internet entity.
10 Oct 2016 Monday ~11:30. Previse Critical, the error business error worlds (tm) ; before 'it' gets out-of-hand allow us to introduce an idea: 'economic violence'. Are 'you' listening? We remind monopolistic behaviours ..
that Previse Critical have for ~5yrs at least identified 'money being pissed-up against the wall' in UK and EU by public entities often not always involving private entities. And we have issued offers to counter 'the waste' to those economies
released 12 Oct 2016 ; a 'results'' entry 13 Oct 2016 ~13:45
11th and 13th and 29th August 2016 and 15 and 30 September 2016 ; 3rd and 6th and 19th October 2016
20 October 2016.

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