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external log 17 Jan 2016. Disparate 3 off. (1) confirmed (actual - caveat media claim) ~Actual. (2) confirmed (actual - caveat media claim) ~Actual. (3) A combination(s) (confirmed) (N/A) multiple confirmed. theoretical to practical confirmed. Also gkrpa.
as above. Remuneration to Previse Critical, the error business error worlds (tm) ; ~£0 (aka plagiarism, ito., monetary gain)
Mon 25 Jan 2016 approx. 23:45; finding/prediction/confirmed: Euro or £, > money > Xs; m.>m. > c < O. State/Private entities.
related: diagnoseez (tm); In (recurrent) application, crisis/crises (multiple) as shock horror strategy, not just tactics, preventing change in western (on a round/spheriod base) economies. Collaborators' strategic play ~ GB/UK/EU/Xs.
01 Feb 2016; We recommend disabling cookies coming into our dot tel websites or deleting/flushing them from browsers upon leaving.
Working for others, including governments? Other business' or owners, speculators, investors? Our websites provide for initiating buying/purchasing from Previse Critical or making investments to Previse Critical.
03 Feb 2016 : Update 02 Feb 2016 of our dot uk website released:
04 Feb 2016: What is 2.3 Billion Pounds? GBP/£ 1 000 000 000 x 2.3 = £23000000000 = GBP 2 000 000 000 + £ 300 000 000. (2 billions + 300 millions). 'Spent today' by
People, Departments and Offices, we do not (don't) know who they all are but reports are claiming they are UK Government. It appears to be claims of foreign Aid, International Development, Part Project in a war(s) zone.
continued... The UK population is ~64M-65M; 64 000 000 to 65 000 000 (64-65 millions people); not all are adults (children), not all adults are 'involved'. GB/UK claims to be using an economic 'plan', and 'implementing'..
'austerity' as a policy within. 'Austerity' and those affected and how they are will vary. 'Circumstances' of all the GBP/£ 2.3 Billion?
05 Feb 2016 ; 'prediction' 16/26 Aug / 2 Sept 2012 of damage/failure on GB/UK international standing:
(re)confirmed 05 Feb 2016.
10 Feb 2016 : Confirmed collaborators ~ approx changes (eg, decrease in 'overt') but still very unreliable. Refer to our previous outputs here/elsewhere for some contents' predicted in time.
Use of GB/UK media, including State media, to shift attentions from GB/UK/EU economies eg, underperformance/development, viz. faults. This an (one) identified/confirmed source of monopolistic behaviours with these economies (wrt £/GBPs).
20 Feb 2016 released. Addresses (networks) attacking/interfering with our business' delivery. Also see our policy 'webservers'.
28 Feb 2016; Some consolidation of our work approx. previous 2mths; no specific sequence, non-distinct and non-exhastive listing.
a) Fife/Rosyth Royal Dock b) Forth Road Bridge Edinburgh/Fife c) UK-EU d) Northern England e) UKTI (trade and investment).
a) Babcock International and G4S operating 'former' Royal dock, now business prk/zone, failed to provide basic security clearance for British national/Business. This meant loss of work/income potential. Some expediting of ours, provided leeway, and then
see publicity introduced of BI sharing in GBP 2.5 Billion defence contract, and CEO/CE claiming getting work in Docks (Fife) is due to, quote, "luck". We filed this under economies wrt security, totalitarianisms, and monopolistic behaviours.
b), d) and above 13 Dec 2015 entry. Again 'reticent' buyers in this field. i) End of Feb 2016 E. Scotland Forth Road Bridge appeared to reopen to all business traffic (HGVs). As with M1, (UK's first motorway), evidence entry 5 Nov 2015, FRB has
added (further) totalitarianisms, (t) in our model, for imposition on traffic flow, previously FRB also promoted 40mph (go North?) and 50 mph (going South). Now as common with t it's miles (both NS) of 40mph with added motoring surveillance.
continued ii) Restatement, prev. contacted GB/UK gov(s) infrastructure bods, or made them aware of our business. This highlighted claim GBP 40M waste in drafting rail contract, and highlighted looking to sell against
obvious Millions (GBP) waste in Edinburgh (trams project(s)). Whilst N. England note24Feb2016 involved claims against Notherners/England and people working on trains, the claims false, and find an immediate ~40% est. GBP 116M no cost 'saving'
e) re: UKTI we consider have consistently over years, been inhibiting eg., this British business, whilst we've been investing our effort, time and money (or what's been borrowed at considerable hardship). Inhibiting (our) business exporting,
to the world. The nuclear industry being the obvious example. A trade deficit is a metric which takes account of imports-exports. On Tuesday in Glasgow InnovateUK KTN joined-in in this 'new' concept, we will call 'it', internal sanctions.
c) As may or not be evident to those that have followed our published work over some years. Previse Critical support the GB/UK leaving the EU but (that's) not leaving Europe (an arbitrary continent, of the world GB/UK based within).
This 'prediction' we offer despite big guns trying to 'guide' GB/UK. Incidently we previously pulled the PR PM (DC) trying to conflate UN Sec. Council with UNO. Similarly for the 'Political' Chancellor's (GO), the *IMF isn't a country.
06 mar 2016: Countermeasure/prediction entry to other entities:
The outcome of the UK referendum w.r.t. to the EU is not (isn't) a determinate factor w.r.t. Scotland still making the countries in/of GB/UK.
Sun 06 March 2016; Further to research today (~06:45 timestamp) we will publish (next sun/mon) finding(s) drawn w.r.t.
UK Parliament / HOC / Select Committee: Business, Innovation and Skills (release 4th Mar 2016 timestamp).
10 Mar 2016; countermeasure/release publicly (expanded prev' finding(s)): Rhetorically, wrt to GB/UK who are the elements/collaborators of the Royal Society and BBC claiming to be the Royal Society and the BBC?
Who are they and what are they doing? They are not (aren't) 'Royal' or a 'Society'?; They appear to be mis'using' the Royal Charter; Its credibility for example, being supplied to something established year 1645 / 1660 / 1662
10 Mar 2016 ~22:00: / revision 11 Mar ~ 6am
The A article 'in question' is recommended reading. / Within the last 8hrs BBC News (radio) have been constantly spinning (unrepresenting) the article/protagonists.
14 Mar 2016: wrt to 06 Mar note, briefly (interim) the 'fault' occurs
(is set by itself or others) in the Business, Skills and Innovation Committee's published terms (what's claimed/was published to be wanting people/businesses to comment on).
14 Mar 2016: for the record within the last two days we have developed a working 'theory', but are not (aren't) publicly publishing,
and with respect to 'politics' and economies.
14 Mar 2016: As we look back almost one year exactly, to the last UK 'Budget', we recall one point we published on (our website that should redirect you here at this time) and 'communications':
GBP (1x10^6/100x10^6) = 0.01 (or 1%). Separately, consistent evidence has accrued those distributing the cash to 'themselves' have consistently failed to predict except in still distributing the cash to 'themselves'.
14 Mar 2016: Rhetorically, who are 'themselves'? They are people (human(s)), and keeping this human/business in poverty (devoid of GBP X x 10^6) whilst gaining on our work.
As just noted one such 'themselves' are public predictors of the future(s) that consistently fail to occur. There is their gain (GBP etc). There their is not (isn't) only a theoretical point(s) but one of practical outcome(s).
addition ~05:30 am (14/03/16); a 'suggested' duty: that the UK Prime Minister and those Ministers and Officials behind who cobbled the announcement/policy now to also:
publish on a daily basis each and every day (24hrs) whilst in office - covering mths/years to detail their food and drink eaten/taken.
16 Mar 2016 ~12:20 ; website has been placed on (each page is dated, a tuning/refresh planned)
16 Mar 2016 14:40 : We're inclined in hearing the 2016 UK 'Budget' to ignore it; And intend reading the Docs and Opposition(s) timely (days/wk) TECHNICAL responses. We will continue to state some 'facts' whilst our business 'suffers':
1) In last year's Red Book we 'saved' the Treasury £100M (mistaken? ; Is that why it didn't respond.)
16 Mar 2016 cont...
2) Crown Commericial Services? Created before or after our idea, and written offer and supported with an example, £40M loss/waste? (a different 40 Million)
16 Mar 2016 cont.. 3) Within the previous week or two, Previse Critical pre 'saved' the Treasury (the country) £40M on a Northern train line (its chosen agent(s) mis-spouting-off about). Again no gain here, no contact, just 'poverty'.
4) Infrastructure, Powerhouse ? (strange, created before of after we were hawking power plant engineering, challenging on bridges and roads. Talking flows?). Again no contact, just spending elsewhere, keeping it in the monopolies?
16 Mar 2016 cont... 5) What about the sudden pick-up in interest in failed predictions? No, no contact here either, no money or work for our ideas, small business 'poverty'. All take, no give policy, devoid of ideas theft; rem. the knowledge economy now?
6) How about the tendering systems' money cartel design (EU self-circulating design) identified. Any contact, any money, work? No. 7) SME and small business definitions (deliberate mal-using)? Nope.
21 Mar 2016 mon. morn'g approx 6am. Avoid being misled on our economies, including with 'Budgets' and into prejudice: thus it may be useful
to prevent a misdirection (timestamped) for wider readers, to note that 'disabled people' (caution quotes) can & does include different people, eg: exceptional in intellects, physicalities, rich, poor, big, small, skin colours, & so on etc
22 Mar 2016: please note moving/removal of our office, no longer accepting business correspondence (postal mail). Buying paying customers will be supplied the home/business address (also with HMRC) and we'll add two redundancy (extra) networks:
Adding additional email and telephone. Note well however that our many years present address remains an official GB/UK registered address/office connected with Previse Critical (see until further/future notice/change.
25 Mar 2016 ~13:15 ; We notice there's a renewed trend trying to wash the term collaboration/collaborative and so on. This concept we've already exposed as against economies, competition and used/coveted by monopolitic(s) / monopolistic behaviours.
01 Apr 2016 (know this isn't, and we're not trying to make one today; also acknowledge writers may often use a 'fool' character to entertain 'truths' that may or not be uncomfortable to other characters or readers engaging in their works.
We are continuing to timestamp (recent including today) the gigantically publicly financed by the UK undermining GB/UK. It's (it is) subtle but it's there and here in GB/UK, for example ~07:10am
Issued 18 Apr 2016 approx 17:00 ; appends to
Issued 28 Apr 2016 approx 08:00 ; appends to
04 May 2016 ~08:15; some reports are, that our .com website has been failing to resolve ; Its content has now been re-produced at see ;
04 May 2016 ~08:15; We have updated and released our dot mobi site again (from redirecting to these notices); And that website also contains the content/work published on the .com website:
12 May 2016 ~06:15 released (related if look back note we have in previous years published a bias on who/whom is interviewed, advertised, promoted by the BBC; evidence radio, especially around news but not exclusively).
BBC Radio business programme(s) its people/persons (we assume their 'managers/handlers' e.g. the R4 6.15am business review) continuing to try to influence masses/voters in the EU referendum e.g., by leading their 'part' and interviewees.
24 May 2016 ; approx. 17:15 warning a continued theoretical with practical evidence premise:
BBC media a propaganda technique ; in this case the evidence is BBC 'Radio Scotland' ; the activity of this organisation (happy to criminalise Brits in TV land to get GBPs) is again pro-remain in the EU referendum propaganda. Also ...
24 May 2016 ; ~17:30 notice
As well as three key 'socialists'' proposed (identified previously) we add to our theoretical-practical work (non-exhaustive) ; activity of the BBC and those clustering on PCS-T. Also our ref: public procurement and tendering.
24 May 2016 ; ~ 17:45 notice ; note we are and operate as Previse Critical, the error business error worlds (tm); traceability via GB/UK and on the ('its') web ;
Further to evidence (collected) in Edinburgh's ECC HQ today ; Note investment decisions 'you make' should be with us Previse Critical; And we are unassociated with anyone/anybody. See (at least) our policy on neutrality and business' offers.

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